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MI-24 Super Hind

mi-24 super hind gunship
MI-24 Super Hind
photo : ATE
Super Hind nose turret
The Super Hind features a stablized sight on the aircraft's nose which includes a FLIR, laser range finder and tv camera.
photo : ATE

The Super Hind is the result of major upgrades to the standard MI-24 helicopter carried out by South African arms company, ATE-Aerospace.

SUper Hinds are built around core digital systems which integrate flight, sensor and combat systems together. Sensors aboard the Super Hind include a FLIR Pod and TV camera. Sensor data is displayed on tv screens. The Super Hind cockpit is night vision goggle-compatible and features a day/night electro-optical HUD. Doppler GPS enables accurate navigation.

Super Hind Variants

Super Hind Mk 2 - combines core avionics package with the standard Mi-24 'Hind F' weapons package.

Super Hind Mk 3 - adds the core avionics systems together with a dual-feed, turreted, 20mm cannon and INGWE anti-tank missiles. The 20mm cannon can be slaved to the crew's helmets.

Planned future upgrades include a redesigned fuselage, digital glass cockpit, infra-red exhaust suppressors, sand filters, composite rotor blades, fixed landing gear and a digital autopilot system. These upgrades will result in the MI-24 Super Agile Hind.

MI-24 Super Hind Specifications

Crew 2 - With Pilot seated above and behind Gunner
+ 2 door gunners (optional)

  • integrated avionics package
  • night vision compatible cockpit
  • doppler GPS navigation
  • reduced vibration
  • stabilized nose-mounted sensor / sight package featuring FLIR, range finder and TV camera
  • optional dual-feed 20mm cannon in steerable chin turret
  • day/night heads up display (HUD)
  • flight data record
  • vhs video recording of sensor data
Engines Two Klimov 1500-hp TV3-117 turboshafts
Dimensions L - 17.51m
W (rotor diameter) - 17.30m
H - 3.97m
Weights 8200 kg (empty)
26,455 kg (max loudout)
Max Speed 180 kt (279 kph)
Range 1000 km - with external fuel pods
Armament optional replacement of standard Mi-24 weapons:

20mm dual-feed cannon
up to 16 INGWE laser-guided tandem-warhead anti-tank missiles

mi-24 super hind
MI-24 Super Hind at an air show
photo by Flickr user DanieVDM | used under creative commons license

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