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Rooivalk Attack Helicopter

The Rooivalk attack helicopter has been developed by Denel Aviation for the South African Air Force (SAAF). The Rooivalk is a versatile weapons platform, designed to be compatible with various weapons systems, those both foreign and domestically produced. This versatility means the Rooivalk can be easily configured to carry out different roles.

rooivalk helicopter
South African Rooivalk attack helicopter.

The Rooivalks flown by the SAAF are typically armed with Mokopa anti-tank missiles (also manufactured by Denal). The Mokopa is llaser-homing missile armed with a tandem warhead for improved armor penetration. The Mokopa can also be fitted with a special anti-ship warhead. Max range of the Mokopa is 10km.

Rooivalks are bigger and heavier than similar gunships such as the Apache. Designed for use above the planes of Africa, the Rooivalk trades hideability and maneuverability for ruggedness, range and survivability. Despite their bulk, Rooivalks can be transported via C130 transport planes.

There are currently only 16 Rooivalks in service, all with the South African Air Force.

Rooivalk Attack Helicopter Specifications

  • rugged airframe hardened against crashes
  • shock-absorning seats for both crewmen
  • engine gearboxes can run for 30 minutes following loss of lubricating oil
  • 5-bladed tail rotor made from advanced composite materials
  • engines featuring automated fault detection system
  • flat-plane anti-glare glass cockpit
Crew 2 - With Pilot seated above and behind Gunner
Engines 2 x Makila 1K2
Dimensions L - 16.38 m
W (wing span) - 6.35 m
H - 5.18 m
Weights 5,910 kg (empty)
8750 kg (max loudout)
Max Speed 150 kts
Range 700 km
Armament F2 20mm Cannon (400/700 rounds)
Mokopa / HOT-3 / Hellfire anti-tank missile (up to 16)
36 or 72 70mm FFAR rockets
4x Mistral / Mistral Air-to Air Missiles
Avionics LLTV (Low Light Television)
FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared)
Integrated Helmet-Mounted Sight featuring PNVS (Pilot Night Vision System)
Tactical Situation Display
Laser Designator
Electro Optics (for Mokopa missiles)
MSS Video Recorder
HEWSPS (Helicopter Electronic Warfare Self Protection System)
CMDS (Counter Measures Despensing System)
GPS Navigation

Rooivalk fitted with rocket pods and cannon.
Rooivalk photos:
Roovialk at air show

Denel Aviation - info on the Rooivalk

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