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Lynx MK8

Lynx Mk 8
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A British Royal Navy Lynx MK8 helicopter takes off from HMS Cornwall while on anti-piracy operations in the Gulf Of Aden. The Lynx Mk8, the most recent version being designated as theLynx HMA.8(SRU) features a sophisticated sensor suite including a Sea Owl thermal imaging device and a 360 degree search radar. These sensors can be used to detect suspected pirate vessels in order to vevtor in counter-piracy forces to intercept. Royal Navy Lynx helicopters may also be armed with 1 pintle-mounted M3 .50 cal machine gun in the cabin doorway. This gun, as well as Royal Marine snipers who may also be on board, can be used to disable pirate/smuggler boats and to provide top cover for boarding teams.
image: LA(Phot) Dave Jenkins l
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