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MI-8 Hip E

The MI-8 was the workhorse of the Soviet armed forces. Cheap, rugged and reliable, this utility and assault helicopter was sold to many third world client states throughout the Cold War and is still in active service in various trouble spots around the world.

mi-8 hip e
Mi-8 Hip E helicopter gunship

Many variants of the MI-8 were developed, including the Mi-8MT which is also known as the MI-17 Hip H. When used in the assault role (ferrying airborne troops to the battlefield), MI-8s tout 57mm rocket pods on 2x4 fuselage-mounted pylons. Door guns may also be mounted.

The Mi-8TVK Hip E is the dedicated gunship variant. It can carry an array of weapons on its 6 pylons including 57mm rockets, AT-2 wire-guided anti-tank missiles, bombs (including chemical munitions) and machine gun pods. A steerable 12.7mm cannon is fitted under the MI-8's nose.

MI-8 Hips have seen combat in Afghanistan and, more recently, in Chechnya. The Hip E's impressive weapon loadout makes it a fearsome adversary for ground troops, although its lack of heavy armor does leave it more vulnerable to small arms fire than Russia's other troop carrying gunship, the MI-24 Hind

havoc rockets and mismi-8 ub-32 rocket podsiles
The MI-8 carries UB-32 rocket pods, each with 32xS5 57mm high explosive, smoke or incendiary rockets.
mi-8 rocket pods
With its loadout of up to 6x32 rocket pods, the Hip E is one of the world's most heavily armed helicopters.
  • doppler navigation system
  • heated cockpit
  • clamshell rear loading doors
  • gun ports in windows to allow troops to fire out from within the main cabin
  • rotor blade deicers for extreme cold climates
  • 2 x6 pylon weapons racks attached to fuselage


MI-8 Hip E Specifications

mi-8 nose gun
An optional steerable 12.7mm machine gun can be fitted to a turret in the MI-8's nose.
Crew 2 - Pilot + Co-pilot / Gunner
Engines Two Klimov 1480-hp TV2-117a turboshafts
Dimensions L - 25.24m
W (rotor diameter) - 21.29m
H - 5.65m
Weights 7160 kg (empty)
12,000 kg (max loadout)
Max Speed 225 kph
Range 930 km
Armament Up to 6x 32 rocket pods
Steerable 12.7mm machine gun in nose turret
Various wire-guided anti-tank missiles (usually at-2 swatter)
7.62mm or 12.7mm door guns
2x 12.7mm gun pods
Avionics Doppler Navigation
Provision for IR jammers / Flare & Chaff Launchers

hind mi-8 gunships
Multiple Egyptian MI-8 Hip F assault helicopters landing en masse to deliver troops to the battlefield. A common tactic is for the helicopters to prep the area around the landing zone with rocket fire to suppress any resistance.
mi-8 photos :
mi-8 armed with rockets

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