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MH-47G Chinook

The MH-47G, 'Gulf' model Chinook is an improved MH-47E helicopter and is flown exclusively by the US Army's 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR).

mh-47g chinook
160th SOAR MH-47G preparing for night ops in Afghanistan.

The MH-47G carries out overt/covert infiltration, exfiltration, air assault, resupply and sling-load operations ins support of special operations forces.

Improvements to the ageing 'Echo' model include a new cockpit, extended nose and a host of avionics upgrades. The updated avionics gear includes the US Army's Common Avionics Architecture System (CAAS) - set of standardized LCD screens, communications devices and data processing units. The displays of a CAAS-equipped helicopter can combine data from all of the onboard sensors to suit the needs of the mission. CAAS can also integrate sensor data from external sources such as JSTAR airborne radars, weather radars and other sources, thus greatly enhancing their navigational ability and situational awareness. The MH-47G's multi-mode radar provides terrain avoidance data to a moving map display in the cockpit. Mission-planning software and a set of automated-flight aids allows the crew to plan routes on-the-fly based on changing fuel, cargo and mission requirements.

The current fleet of MH-47D and MH-47Es within the 160th SOAR are in the process of being replaced by the new MH-47G. The first MH-47G was deployed to Afghanistan in March 2007.

MH-47G Specifications

MH-47 loading ramp
The MH-47G's airframe features a gun port on each side of the fuselage for pintle-mounted 7.62mm miniguns (ss shown above) . A third gun station, usually fitted with a M240D 7.62mm belt-fed machine gun. is situated at the rear ramp of the helicopter
Crew Pilot, Co-pilot + 3 crew chiefs/gunners
Engines 2xTextron Lycoming T55-4-714 Turboshaft engines
Dimensions L - 15.87m
W (rotor diameter) - 18.82m
H - 5.59m
Weights 12,210 kg (empty)
24,494 kg (max loadout)
Max Speed 259 kph
Range 1382 km
Armament 3 gun ports (port/starboard and rear) :
2x m134 7.62mm miniguns
1 xM240D 7.62mm machine gun
Avionics Common Avionics Architecture System (CAAS)
Mission Management Software
Multi-mode radar
Hughes AN/AAQ-16 FLIR in chin turret
Digital moving map display
Aircraft Survivability Equipment Control
BM-AlliedSignal integrated avionics with four-screen NVG compatible EFIS
dual MIL-STD-1553 digital databusses
AN/ASN-145 AHRS; jamming-resistant radios
Rockwell Collins CP1516-ASQ automatic target hand-off system
inertial AN/ASN-137 Doppler,
Rockwell Collins AN/ASN-149(V)2 GPS receiver
Rockwell Collins ADF-149
Perkin-Elmer AN/AVR-2 laser
E-Systems AN/APR-39A laser warning receiver
Honeywell AN/AAR-47 missile warning systems
ITT AN/ALQ-136(V) pulse jammer and
Northrop Grumman AN/ALQ-162 CW jammer
Tracor M-130 chaff/flare dispensers

mh-47 pararescue
The MH-47G features a FLIR pod under the chin and an advanced multi-mode radar linked to improved moving map displays on the cockpit's multi-function displays.
  • telescopic in-flight refueling via probe attached to fuselage for air-or-air refueling from airborne tankers
  • all-weather capability
  • flare launchers on each side of the fuselage
  • radar warning receivers and chaff-launchers to protect against radar-homing threats
  • fast rope insertion extraction system (FRIES)
  • able to land on water for launch/recovery of SEAL teams
  • external drop-tanks extend the MH-47's max range
  • cockpit compatible with night vision goggles (NVGs)
  • advanced mission planning software
  • active matrix liquid crystal displays (LCDs)
  • external rescue hoist

mh-47g chinook flying in Afghanistan
A MH-47G operating above the mountains of Afghanistan. The Chinook is one of few helicopters capable of operating in the high altitudes required in much of Afghanistan.
Photo courtesy US Army

MH-47G photos:

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