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Lynx AH Mk7

The Lynx was produced under the Anglo-French helicopter agreement of 1967. Several version of the helicopter, including a naval version have since been developed and deployed. The Lynx AH Mk7 flown by the Army Air Corps was Britain's primary anti-tank helicopter for decades, a role now being taken over by the WAH-64D Apache Longbow.

When used in the utility role, Lynx AH Mk7s can carry up to nine troops, often Milan anti-tank teams, or 1350kg of external stores attached to a sling. 7.62mm General Purpose Machine Guns can be fitted to the cabins and manned by door gunners. A range of weapon systems such as 20mm cannons and rocket pods have been tested on the Lynx airframe but these are rarely used.

In the anti-tank role, the AH Mk7 carries 8 FITOW (further Improved TOW) wire-guided missiles on 2x4-tube racks on hardpoints attached to the fuselage. The FITOW has a dual-mode target sensor and two downward-firing self-forging warheads and can be fired in top attack mode - flying in a high arc to strike down through a tank's softer upper armor.

lynx ah mk7
Lynx AH Mk7 - when not carrying TOW anti-tank missiles, L7 GPMG door guns are used to provide cover during insertion and extraction.
  • wire-strike protection system
  • infra-red exhaust suppressors reduce the Lynx's heat signature
  • semi-rigid main rotor assembly allows for improved handling and stability
  • composite clockwise-rotating tail rotor
  • skids allow for takeoff/ landing on soft surfaces
  • fully aerobatic - full barrel-rolls and loop-de-loops are possible
lynx tow tubes
Lynx AH7s carry up to 8 FITOW anti-tank missiles.

Lynx AH7 Specifications

The Lynx's roof-top TOW sight is built by Raytheon (formerly Hughes). The co-pilot/gunner can use the infra-red sight to acquire targets up to 3.7km away.
Crew 2 - Pilot, Co-pilot
Engines 2x Rolls Royce Gem-42-1 1,120hp turboshaft engines
Dimensions L - 12.06m
W (rotorspan) - 12.8m
H - 3.66m
Weights 2,787 kg (empty)
4,354 kg (max loadout)
Max Speed 259 kph
Range 630 km
Armament 8xFurther-Improved TOW (FITOW) anti-tank missiles
Avionics BAE Systems mk 34 automatic flight control system
BAE Systems automatic stabilizer
Racal Doppler 91
Honeywell AN/APN-198 radar altimeter
Rockwell Collins 206A automatic direction finder
BAE GMM9 Gyrosyn compass,
Distance Measuring Equipment (DME),
Rockwell Collins VIR 31A VHF Omni-directional Ranger
Instrument Landing System (VOR/ILS),
AN/ARN-118 Tactical Air Navigation system (TACAN)
BAE AWARE-3 ARI 23491 radar warning receiver
Sky Guardian mk15 electronic warfare system
Raytheon TOW sight

Lynx AH7 with 8xFITOW anti-tank missiles.
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