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LYNX HMA 8 'Super Lynx'

The British Royal Navy's HMA 8 'Super Lynx' is a versatile naval helicopter able to carry out anti-submarine, anti-surface and search and rescue missions. The Royal Navy operate HMA8 Lynx from all their escort ships, destroyers and frigates.

sh-60b Sea Hawk
A Royal Navy HMA 8 Lynx.

The HMA 8 Lynx carries a suite of sophisticated sensors including a 360° search radar which is used to guide Sea Skua anti-ship missiles. A Forward-Looking InfraRed (FLIR) pod is gimble-mounted atop the HMA 8's chin, above the radar. When hunting submarines, the HMA8 can lower a AN/AQS-18 dipping sonar beneath the water's surface or deploy a Magnetic Anomaly Detector (MAD).

The Lynx can carry up to 9 fully-laden troops in the rear cabin and can be equipped with a pintle-mounted door gun. A Royal Navy HMA 8 Lynx took part in, Operation Barras, the rescue of captured British soldiers in Sierra Leone, 2000. Armed with a 7.62mm minigun, the Navy lynx provided close air support and was on casevac standby for the Special Forces troops involved.

LYNX HMA 8 Specifications

seaspray radar and sea owl flir
The Super Lynx's chin houses a 360 ° search radar (below), with a range of 25 miles, and a Sea Owl thermal imager (top).
Crew Pilot, Co-pilot + up to 2 cabin crew
Engines 2× Rolls Royce Gem 42-1 turboshaft engines (835kW)
Dimensions L - 11.92m
W (rotor diameter) - 12.8m
H - 3.2m
Weights 3,030 kg (empty)
4,876 kg (max loadout)
Max Speed 232 kph
Range 1,046 km (with external fuel tanks)
Armament 4x Sea Skua anti-surface missiles
2x Mk44 or Mk46 torpedoes
or 2x Stingray torpedoes
MK II depth charges
1x 7.62mm GPMG door gun
Avionics Seaspray Mark 1 360° radar
Sea Owl thermal imager
AN/AQS-18 dipping sonar
TK AN/AAR-47 missile warner
Selex Sensors & Airborne Systems
AN/ALQ-144A infrared jammer
Selex M147 flare dispenser
1553B data bus

sea lynx sea skua
Lynx HMA 8s can carry Sea Skua missiles on 2 pylons. The Sea Skua has a range of 10 miles and was used to great effect by the British during the 1982 Falklands War.
lynx torpedos
The Super Lynx can carry a selection of sonar-homing anti-submarine ordnance including mk44. mk46 or Stingray torpedoes and a range of depth-charges.
  • composite & light allow airframe
  • DAS defensive suite
  • non-retractable landing-gear with rotating wheels
  • cargo hook can carry up to 1,360kg of stores slung beneath the helicopter
  • data link for sharing sensor data with compatible ships
  • composite rotor blades

royal navy lynx
Royal Navy HMA 8 Lynx flying past U.S. Sixth Fleet flagship USS Mount Whitney (LCC 20) in the Mediterranean Sea whilst on an exercise. Note the Sea Owl gimble-mounted FLIR pod mounted above the Seaspray radar dome in the aircraft's chin.
U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 1st Class Timm Duckworth
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Royal Navy Lynx HMA 8
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