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HH-60G Pave Hawk

mh-60g pavehawk
USAF HH-60g Pavehawk

A close cousin of the MH-60G Pave Hawk, the HH-60G is a dedicated rescue helicopter, tasked with retrieval of downed aircrew from hostile territory. It's versatile airframe and avionics package also makes it suitable for peacetime roles such as civil search and rescue and counter drug smuggling operations.

The HH-60G is based around the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter. A host of of specialized avionics have been added to enable the HH-60G to carry out its CSAR (Combat Search and Rescue) missions. These include a AN/ALQ-202 Radio jammer, AN/ALQ-213 EWMS (Electronic Warfare Management System) and a AN/ALQ-144 infra red jammer.

Other avionics include a Forward Looking Infra Red (FLIR) pod housed in the Pave Hawk's chin. Some HH-60Gs feature a weather radar and de-icing systems, increasing their ability to operate in all conditions.

HH-60G Pave Hawks are fitted with advanced navigation and flight control systems which include a doppler navigation system. Encrypted satellite radio equipment ensure secure communications. A retractable in-flight refueling probe allows the HH-60G to extend its maximum range, as do internal auxiliary internal fuel tanks. The Pave Hawk's cockpit is compatible with Night Vision Goggles (NVGs). Specialized rescue equipment consists of a rescue hoist and a personnel locating system (PLS) which homes in on the survival radio(s) of downed air crew.

2 gun ports, one each side of the fuselage, contain pintle-mounts for weapons, usually .50 cal machine guns or M134 miniguns.

The HH-60G is operated by USAF and air national guard squadrons. Armed USAF Para Rescue troops will often be carried aboard Pave Hawks when performing CSAR operations. Para Rescue troops are highly trained special operations troops trained to find, extract and, if necessary medically treat, those they are sent to rescue.

HH-60Gs rescued downed pilots during Desert Storm and they continue to support coalition forces in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

HH-60G Specifications

hh-60g rescue hoist
The HH-60G features a rescue hoist able to lift loads up to 600 pounds (270kg).
Crew 4 - Pilot, Co-pilot & 2 flight-engineers/door-gunners
Engines 2 Two General Electric T700-GE-7001,622 hp engines
Dimensions L - 17.1m
W (rotorspan) - 14.1m
H - 4.4m
Weights 6,114 kg (empty)
9,967 kg (max loadout)
Max Speed 296 kph
Range 964 km with 2x 450 gallon external fuel tanks
Armament 2 gun ports (port/starboard) :
7.62mm miniguns and/or.50 machine guns
Avionics AN/AAQ-16 FLIR
AN/ARN-148 Omega/VLF navigation
AN/ALQ-144 IR jammer
AN/ALQ-202 Radar jammer
AN/ALQ-213 EWMS (Electronic Warfare Management System)
Global positioning system
AN/APN-235 Doppler navigation system
AN/APN-239 Weather avoidance radar (on some models)
Automatic flight control system

hh-60g mingunner
When coming in for a hot extraction, HH-60G gunners man weapons, such as this 7.62mm minigun, ready to engage any enemy in the area.
  • air-or-air refueling probe
  • flare launchers on each side of the fuselage
  • HIRSS infra-red suppressor fitted to each engine exhaust
  • folding stabilizers & rotors allow for air-transport in USAF cargo planes
  • radar warning receivers and chaff and flare launchers to protect against missiles
  • cockpit compatible with night vision goggles (NVGs)

hh-60g pavehawk
A US Air Force (USAF) 101st Expeditionary Rescue Squadron (ERS) HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter departs a landing zone while a second HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter patrols the airspace during a Combat Search And Rescue (CSAR) exercise. The exercise sharpens the skills of CSAR teams deployed to Baghdad International Airport (BIA), Iraq, during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.

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