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KA-27 / KA-29 Helix

ka-27pl asw helicopter
KA-27PL Helix-A ASW Helicopter

First entering service with the Russian Navy in 1974, the Helix airframe is the basis for several models, each serving a dedicated maritime role.

The distinctive stacked co-axial rotor design of the Helix eliminates the need for a tail rotor, a design feature that allows for easy stowing in the cramped spaces found onboard ships.

Armed Helix Variants

The KA-27PL Helix-A is a dedicated anti-submarine helicopter. The Helix-A carries a radar under its chin for tracking surface contacts and can deploy a dipping sonar and active sonar bouys in order to detect enemy submarines. KH-35 anti-ship missiles can be carried for deailing with surface threats whilst sonar-homing torpedos can be dropped into the water to attack submerged submarines.

An assault-transport variant, the KA-29 Helix-B, boasts a new fuselage which can house 16 fully-armed troops and incorporates additonal armour and various hardpoints for mounting guns, rockets and guided-missiles. It is claimed that the stacked rotor design creates a more stable platform for air-to-ground weapons than single-rotor designs such as the MI-24 Hind.

Sensors mounted in the KA-29's chin include a low-light televison camera. forward-looking infra-red (FLIR) and a millimetre-wave radar that guides anti-tank missiles.

KA-29 Helix-B Specifications

ka-27 helix a radar
The KA-27PL Helix A features a powerfull search radar dome in the chin.
Crew Pilot, + 2 cockpit crew
Engines 2× Isotov TV3-117VK (1660 kw) turboshafts
Dimensions L - 11.3m
W (rotor diameter) - 15.9m
H - 5.4m
Weights 5,520 kg (empty)
12,600 kg (max loadout)
Max Speed 265 kph
Range 740 km (with max fuel)
Armament 1xYAKB-12 12.7mm 4-barrel gatling gun
1x2A42 30mm cannon (fuselage-mounted)
various rocket pods
anti-tank missiles
free-fall bombs
Avionics Millimeter-wave radar
Low-level video
FLIR pod
Navigation suite

ka-29 guns
A retrtactable 4-barrelled 12.7mm cannon is housed beneath the KA-29's armoured cockpit.
ka-29 rocket pods
Pylons attached the KA-29's fuselage allow for mounting of a selection of rockets and missiles.
  • armoured turboshafts
  • retractable landing lamps
  • 3-man side-by-side armoured cockpit featuring bullet-proof glass
  • hinged cabin door for rapid troop access
  • flare and chaff launchers

ka-27pl anti-submarine helicopter
The KA-27PL is Russia's primary anti-submarine warfare platform and operates from carriers and frigates throughout the fleet.
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ka 27 helix
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