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military helicopters

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Helicopter Gunships Main Index

Dedicated Attack Helicopters

These choppers only have room for weapons and are dedicated to their primary mission of air-to-ground attack.

Apache AH-64A
AH-64A Apache - acknowledged by many as one of the world's finest attack helicopters

Transport / Attack Helicopters

Helicopters that can transport men and cargo but also be armed with missiles, rockets or machine guns.

MI-8 Hip E
MI-8 Hip E transport/gunships carry both airborne shock troops and a wide range of air-to-ground ordnance.

Anti-tank / Scout / Light Utility Helicopters

Multi-role military helicopters that are flexible enough to carry out a range of missions - from battlefield reconnaissance to close air support.

OH-58D Kiowa
OH-58D Kiowa scout helicopters not only find targets for Apaches, they can also take them on themselves.

Special Forces Extraction/Insertion/Re-supply & CSAR Helicopters

These special forces haulers are highly modified transport helicopters fitted with cutting-edge electronic defense systems and navigation aids.

Protected by both door-guns and sophisticated countermeasures, the US Air Force MH-53j Pavelow III undertakes high risk deep penetration flights into enemy territory in support of Special Operations.

Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Helicopters

Naval choppers that protect the fleet by hunting submarines and surface vessels with sophisticated sensors, torpedoes and depth-charges.

sh-3h sea king
The SH-3 Sea King is one of the world's most ubiquitous anti-submarine helicopters, serving in Navies around the world since the mid-sixties.
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