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Eurocopter Tiger

German Tiger UHT armed with mistral air-to-air missiles, HOT3 missiles and rocket pods

Designed by Eurocopter Group, a consortium of European countries, the Eurocopter Tiger is an attack helicopter that comes in many flavors, each configured for different roles.

Versions :

Tiger HAP - developed for the French Army as a close support and escort helicopter. Armed with SNEB rockets, mistral air-to-air missiles and a 30mm GIAT cannon mounted in the nose, the HAP is designed to attack 'soft' targets such as men and unarmored vehicles.

UH Tiger (UHT) - Packing a heavier punch than the HAP, the UHT carries up to 8 Tigrat or HOT3 anti-tank missiles. SNEB rocket pods are also carried for engaging soft targets. The UHT does not have an integral gun/cannon. An external 12.7mm gun pod can be fitted if needed. The UHT is flown by the German Army.

  • roof or mast-mounted site with optical, FLIR, TV and laser range-finder.
  • fuselage made from advanced carbon-fibre armor that can suvive hits from 23mm cannon.
  • rotors made from carbon-plastics
  • cockpits feature color LCD Multi-Function Displays (MFD)s
  • electronic warfare suite
  • integrated logistics system

Tiger ARH - An upgraded version of the Tiger HAP flown by the Australian Army. The upgrades include new engines, a laser designator for the Hellfire II anti-tank missiles that it carries.

Tiger HAD - An enhanced and upgraded HAP, with better engines and the ability to carry Tigrat anti-tank missiles. In use by the Spanish and French armed forces.

The Tiger carries a sophisticated sensors package mounted on the roof (above the rotors on the UHT variant) which contains an iinfra-red camera, tv camera and a direct optical channel.

For defence against enemy missiles, the Tiger also carries radar and laser warning receivers and flare launchers.

Eurocopter Tiger Specifications

tiger HAP
The Tiger HAP's 30mm cannon is effective against both ground & air targets. This cannon, combined with Mistral air-to-air missiles, makes the Tiger HAP a formidable escort helicopter.
Crew 2 - Pilot seated in front of Gunner
Engines 2× Rolls-Royce plc/Turboméca/MTU MTR390 turboshafts
Dimensions L - 14.08m
W (rotorspan) - 13m
H - 4.4m
Weights 3,060 kg (empty)
6,000 kg (max loudout)
Max Speed 280 kph
Range 800km
Armament Various loadouts depending on variant:
Pods of 19 SNEB unguided rockets or Hydra FFAR rockets
30mm GIAT cannon (HAP version)
8 x Tigrat Missiles (UHT/ French HAD version)
8 x Rafael Spike-ER (Spanish HAD version)
8 x Hellfire II Missiles (Australian ARH version)
4 x Mistral air-to-air missiles (HAP/HAD)
4 x Stinger air-to-air missiles (UHT/ARH)

eurocpter arh
Australian Army Eurocopter ARH variant
Photo by Gsl at Avalon Airport, Australia, 2005. source | license

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