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CH-53E Super Stallion

usmc ch-53e helicopter
USMC CH-50E Super Stallion

The CH-53E Super Stallion is a heavy-lift transport helicopter based around the Sikorsky S-80 and operated by the United States Marine Corps (USMC).

Along with the CH-46E, the CH-53E is one of the USMC's main haulers of men and supplies. Up to 55 full-laden troops can be accommodated within the Super Stallion's spacious cabin. A hydraulic rear ramp allows for rapid loading/un-loading of men and supplies.

The CH-53E is a gigantic beast. It features a 7-blade main rotor assembly, powered by 3 T64-GE-416 turboshafts. The down-draft created by the main rotors is enough to knock grown men off their feet and has earned the CH-53E the nickname of 'the hurricane maker'.

The CH-53E is packed with a host of advanced navigation, flight control and defensive countermeasures. For self-defense and landing-zone suppression, the CH-53E has gun mounts on the rear ramp and 2 side ports, usually fitted with .50 cal machine guns.

U.S. DoD video produced by Sgt. Jason W. Fudge | released to public domain

Amongst other missions, the USMC CH-46Es flew into action in Bosnia, where, in 1995, they flew a daring rescue operation to rescue a downed USAF fighter pilot. The CH-53Es, escorted by AH-1W Cobras, dodged Serbian SAMs to extract the pilot, which they succeeded in doing.

The US Navy flies the MH-53E which is a S-80 with provision for more internal fuel capacity and a host of avionics suited to its tole of mine hunting.

CH-53E Super Stallion Specifications

ch-53e with underlsung heavy load
The CH-53E can carry up to 16,330 kg of underslung loads.
Crew Pilot, Co-pilot + 3 crew chiefs/gunners
Engines 3 x General Electric T64-GE-416 turboshafts (3266kW)
Dimensions L - 20.47m
W (rotor diameter) -24.08m
H - 7.6m
Weights 15,071 kg (empty)
33,339 kg (max loadout)
Max Speed 315 kph
Range 2075 km - with external fuel pods
Armament 3 gun ports (port/starboard and rear ramp) :
7.62mm M240D and/or .50 M2 machine guns
Avionics AN/ALQ-157 Infra Red Jammer
AN/APN-171 Radar Altimeter
AN/APQ-126 Terrain Following Radar
AN/APN-217 Doppler
Integrated Helmet and Display Sighting System (IHADSS)
Helicopter Night Vision System (HNVS)
Automatic Flight Control System
ch-53e super stallions stowed on carrier
Folding rotors allow for stowing in the cramped confines of US aircraft carriers.
rear ramp gunner
ch-53e door gunner
The Super Stallion is routinely armed with .50 caliber belt-fed machine guns.
  • hydraulic rear ramp
  • in-flight refueling via telescopic probe
  • doppler & GPS navigation
  • folding main rotors and tail boom
  • infra-red suppressors fitted to engine exhaust pipes reduce the helicopter's heat signature
  • infra-red jammers and flare launchers to confuse heat-seeking missiles
  • radar warning receivers and chaff-launchers to protect against radar-homing threats
  • strategically-placed titanium and kevlar armour plating
  • retractable landing gear

ch-53e take off from carrier
US Marine Corps (USMC) CH-53E Super Stallion helicopters take off from a US Amphibious Warfare ship in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. With each helicopter carrying up to 55 Marines,a fleet of CH-53Es can airlift a lot of men into battle in a short amount of time.
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