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BO 105 PAH-1

bo 105
BO-105 PAH-1 with 6x HOT missiles

The BO 105 came into service in the German military in 1972. This compact and highly maneuverable light helicopter was intended as an observation/scout helicopter. Within a few years the PAH-1 anti-tank variant was developed which fitted 6xHOT or TOW wire-guided missiles and a corresponding roof-mounted sight with periscope viewfinder for the gunner.

Over 200 of the PAH-1 anti-tank BO 105 variants were in service with the German Army, These are being gradually out-phased by the Eurocopter Tiger.

The BO 105 features a hingeless rotor made from glass fiber sheets. This rigid rotor design allows the 105 to perform complete rolls and loops. The handling at low level is also very precise - perfect for both a scout and anti-tank helicopter.

bo 105 cockpit
the BO 105's cockpit provides excellent all-round visibility, including straight-down, making it easy to maneuver at low level.
HOT missiles
2x3 long-range wire-guided HOT anti-tank missiles are the most common loadout.
  • good all-round visibility via glass cockpit
  • highly maneuverable - capable of full rolls and loops
  • rigid rotors allow for precise flying
  • rear doors and compartment allow the bo 105 to carry stores or evacuate casualties
  • 2 engines for improved reliability
  • all-weather & day/night capability when suitable FLIR roof-sight is fitted

BO 105p Specifications

bo 105 sight
The BO 105 PAH-1features an optional infra-red sight / laser designator mounted atop the cabin.
Crew 2 - Pilot, Co-pilot/gunner
Engines 2 x Allison 250-C20B 419hp Turboshafts
Dimensions L - 11.84m
W (rotorspan) - 9.82m
H - 2.98m
Weights 1,227 kg (empty)
2,500 kg (max loadout)
Max Speed 242 kph (no armaments)
Range 583 km
Armament 6xHOT/TOW wire-guided anti-tank missiles
SNEB rocket pods
AGM-114 Hellfire laser-guided missiles
Rheinmetall Rh 202 20mm cannon (rigidly fixed to fuselage)
Avionics GPS navigation
FLIR sight
FLIR / Laser designator (optional fitting)

bo 105 armed with agm-114 hellfires
When augmented with a FLIR / laser pod fixed to its roof, the BO 105 can fly and fight at night and carry AGM-114 laser-guided Hellfire anti-tank missiles.
bo 105 photos :
bo 105 low level
bo 105 video :
bo 105 low level flying | bo 105 tank hunting
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