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AS 565 Duaphin/Panther

The series of helicopters built around the twin-engine AS 365 Dauphin design include civilian transports, naval utility and dedicated gunship helicopters and are in use within Navies, Coast Guards and Armies around the globe.

sh-2f seasprite landing
French Dauphin maritime utility helicopter.

China builds a clone of the Dauphin, known as the Harbin Z-9 which is flown as an anti-submarine helicopter.

AS 565 Panther

Primarily a Naval helicopter, but also in use with several Armies, the Panther can be fitted with a range of equipment and weapons to suite its role. One of the key design features of the Panther is survivability, with crash-resistant seats and fuel system. The enclosed 'fenestron' tail rotor helps with stability when operating against cross-winds - a real advantage when operating from ships.

AS 565 Panther Variants

The AS 565 UA/UB is a transport and utility version, usually unarmed and able to carry up to 10 fully-equipped troops.

The AS 565 MA/MB is the maritime variant, featuring the 'Harpoon' device which enables deck landings regardless of wind direction. Radio-guided AS.15 anti-ship missiles, Exocet sea-skimming missiles and a selection of sonar-homing torpedoes give the naval Panther its teeth.

AS 565 CA Panthers are the Army gunship variant, armed with GIAT 20mm gun pods, HOT wire-guided anti-tank missiles, Mistral air-to-air missiles or 68mm rockets. Countries that fly the Panther as a gunship include Brazil.

AS 565 Panther Specifications

Crew Pilot, Co-pilot
Engines 2xTurbomeca Arriel 1A1 780hp Turboshaft engines
Dimensions L - 13.68m
W (rotor diameter) - 11.94m
H - 3.52m
Weights 2,193 kg (empty)
4,250 kg (max loadout)
Max Speed 296 kph
Range 875 km
Armament Naval versions:
AS.15 air-to-ground missiles
Exocet anti-ship missiles
anti-submarine torpedoes

Army versions:
GIAT 20mm cannon pods
HOT anti-tank missiles
Mistral air-to-air missiles
68mm unguided rockets
Red Arrow wire-guided missiles (Chinese Z-9)
Avionics Full Authority Digital Engine Control
Variants include:
Forward Looking InfraRed
Radar Warning Receiver
chinese z-9 torpedo
The Chinese-built Panther clone, the Z-9, includes variants capable of carrying Red Arrow wire-guided anti-tank missile or these anti-submarine torpedoes.
  • retractable landing gear
  • 4-bladed folding main rotors
  • hydraulically powered dual controls
  • fenestron shrouded tail rotor
  • crash-resistant seats

panther navy helicopter
A French Navy Panther lands on a United States Navy ship.
Official U.S. Navy Photo by Quarter Master 1st Class (SW) David J. Conrad.

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