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military helicopters

Eurocopter Cougar

cougar mk1 helicopter
Dutch Cougar Mk1

The Cougar series of helicopters are military versions of the Super Puma and come in a range of variants, many armed. This versatile airframe can serve as a troop transport, gunship, anti-submarine helicopter and, in the case of the Mk I UL which is fitted with a radar array beneath the fuselage, can act as a battlefield surveillance platform.

AS 532 Cougar AC

The AS532 Mk1 AC is armed with 2 pintle-mounted 7.62mm machine guns fitted at firing ports behind the cockpit. A common loadout for these ports is the FN MAG/M240/GMPG. Side-mounted pylons can carry machine gun pods, 20mm cannons and 68mm rockets.

The Cougar Mk1 AC can carry 21 fully-laden troops.

  • dual control cockpit
  • 4-bladed titaniium-edged rotors
  • 5-blade tail rotor
  • windscreem de-icer
  • crash-resistant seats

AS 535 Cougar Mk II A2 RESCO

Designed as a Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) bird, the MkII A2 Resco, based around the Cougar Mk2, has greater troop carrying capacity and range than the MkIs. Further improvements to the Couogar have led to the EC725 RESCO which are now in service with the French Armée de l'Air.


The EC725 RESCO is based around the Cougar Mk2 airframe and sports more powerfull Makila 1A4 engines, two-channel full-authority digital engine controls (FADEC), 5 main rotor blades and a host of avionics and other upgrades including:

  • inertial and GPS navigation system
  • encrypted radio/satellite communications
  • personal locator system for finding downed air crew
  • elbit digital map
  • forward-looking infrared (FLIR)
  • ewr-99 radar warning receiver (RWR)
  • laser warning receiver (LWR)
  • missile approach warning system
  • chaff/flare launchers
  • rescue hoist
  • additonal ballistic protection around cockpit and cabin
  • optional in-flight refueling probe

AS 532AC Cougar Specifications

Crew Pilot, Co-pilot
Engines 2xTurbomeca Makila 1A1 1,874hp Turboshaft engines
Dimensions L - 15.508m
W (rotor diameter) - 15.60m
H - 4.9m
Weights 4,321 kg (empty)
8961 kg (max loadout)
Max Speed 261 kph
Range 616 km
Armament 2x pintle-mounted 7.62x51mm GPMGs
20mm GIAT Cannons
68mm rockets
Avionics Radar Warning Receiver (standard)
options for:
Laser Warning Receiver
Mmissile launch detector
Missile approach detector,
Iinfrared jammer
flare/chaff dispensers
ec275 gun mount
The EC 725 Cougar MK2 features a gun port forward of the cabin doors where pintel-mounted machine guns can be fitted.
refueling probe and flir
EC 725s can be fitted with refuling probes and FLIR pods.

eurocopter cougar
A French AS 532 Cougar pictured at Le Bourget airport
Photo by Dmottl - used with thanks

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