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A129 Mangusta Attack Helicopter

Manufactured by Augusta and flown by the Italian Army, the A129 Mangusta is an anti-tank / close air support attack helicopter. The A129 has been in service with the Italians since 1986.

The Mangusta is fitted with sophisticated navigation and night vision systems that allow it to fly and fight at night and in poor weather. A129 pilots wear helmets featuring the IHADSS system which projects flight, sensor and weapons aiming data onto the helmet's display.

Over the years, the A129 has been upgraded with new engines, rotors and the ability to mount a wider range of weapons. This improved version is known as the A129 International and is designed for the export market. The Italian Army now flies the A129 (CBT) as its main attack helicopter which is similar to the International version but keeps the original Rolls-Royce engines.

  • armored cockpits glazed with flat-plane glass for better visibility
  • hydraulic landing gear struts for extra crash survivability
  • engine gearboxes can run for 30 minutes following loss of lubricating oil
  • 2-bladed tail rotor armored to withstand .50 caliber weapon hits
  • automated data management system detects faults and suggests repairs

A129 Mangusta (CBT) Attack Helicopter Specifications

a129 with TOW
A129 armed with 8xTOW wire-guided missiles
a129 CBT
Italian A129 CBT kitted out for close air support ops with 81/70mm rockets and 20mm gatling gun.
Crew 2 - With Pilot seated above and behind Gunner
Engines 2x Rolls-Royce Gem 2 turboshafts
Dimensions L - 12.62 m
W (rotor diameter) - 11.90 m
H - 3.35 m
Weights 2,530 kg (empty)
5,100 kg (max loudout)
Max Speed 278 kph
Range 560 km
Armament 3-barrel 20mm steerable cannon mounted beneath nose (500 rounds)
in the anti-tank role:
   up to 8 BGM-71 TOW wire-guided anti-tank missiles
   or 6 laser-guided AGM-114 Hellfire anti-tank missiles
in close support role:
   rocket pods of 81mm rockets (38 total)
   or rocket pods of 70mm rockets (76 total)
in the air-to-air role:
   8x AIM-92 Stinger missiles
   8x Mistral missiles
Avionics Integrated helmet (IHADSS)
Helicopter IR navigation system (HIRNS)
Observation and targeting sight (DVO - TV - FLIR)
Video tape recorder
Radar altimeter
Radar doppler
Air data system
Integrated multiplex system with AFCS
N° 2 V/UHF
U/VHF tactical radio

augusta a129
A129 Mangusta fitted with BGM-71 TOW anti-tank missiles. .
Photo by Mike Lehmann - Agusta A129 Mangusta at Air 04, Payerne, Switzerland | source | license

A129 Mangusta photos:
A129 Mangusta

AgustaWestland - Manufacturer of the A129
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